Portfolio Management

At Wines Overland, we know that our customers have demanding businesses to run, which is precisely why we have created a way that we can help them: we can take care of our clients' complete wine selection, purchasing, stock allocation management, and shipping operations for them – from start to finish – by offering a comprehensive Portfolio Management service. Everything from the initial sourcing and purchasing of the wine, through to managing stock levels and coordinating the logistics of global shipments and invoicing, is taken care of.

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Outsourcing in this way makes good business sense. By entrusting us to manage all of their overseas wine requirements and logistics, our customers only need to deal with one single point of contact instead of a multitude of different suppliers. As a result, we can take over the complex and time-consuming task of managing the supply of a diverse wine portfolio, and therefore give our customers more time to spend on the areas of their business that really matter, such as staff development, sales generation, and maximising profits for their company.

In fact, by taking this approach to Portfolio Management, our customers can leave us to coordinate a wide range of portfolio-related tasks. By acting as a single point of contact for multiple suppliers based in different parts of the world, not only can we take care of complex wine allocations, but we can also monitor overseas inventory levels, replenish stock when needed, settle supplier invoices, and arrange consolidation and shipment from a wide variety of regions and producers.