Wine Brand Representation

We work closely with a large number of wine producers, both big and small, from all around the world, who use us as their export manager in emerging markets. This enables them to focus their resources on their traditional export markets. We make it our business to stay on top of all of the latest wine trends and to maintain an intimate knowledge of global and local wine markets. With our network of wine buyers and industry insiders behind us, we can help wine producers from both the New and Old Worlds to market their products in even the most competitive environments, and at a wide range of price points.

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In effect, we can act as representatives for a wide variety of wine producers, and make use of our existing relationships with buyers – along with our skills in marketing, brand management, and packaging – to help promote a wide range of exciting, innovative wines from all across the globe. We can also help to provide our wine producers with regular contact with Food and Beverage managers and other corporate wine buyers.

In our role as a Brand Ambassador, we can offer marketing support for specific Chateau, Estate and Wine Brands, as well as specific, tailored promotional activities that will help to gain recognition for our producers in both new and developed markets. We can help to monitor sales and inventory levels, as well as conducting in-store checks and offering advice on vintage roll-overs, so that no sales opportunities are missed.