Private Brand Development

At Wines Overland, we work closely with our customers to create their own wine brand. By combining our specialist wine knowledge with our proven skills in marketing, branding, and packaging for the Asia-Pacific region, we can help our customers to develop their own distinctive offering for this fast-growing market, thereby increasing sales and raising profit margins.

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In addition to identifying, sourcing, and blending the wines, we work closely with our customers to ensure that the product's appearance, taste, and packaging reflects each customer's own unique identity, brand values, and desired price point. By using custom blending techniques and high-impact labels and packaging designs, we can create a product that is truly unique.

Whether our customer is looking for an entry-level, consumer friendly house brand, a mid-priced option, or a premium Chateau or Estate-made wine, Wines Overland can help. We have the ability to source quality wines from all markets and from many different countries of origin, at almost any price point that the customer wishes. For all of these reasons, we are already the largest supplier of Private Brands to Asia from Europe, and will continue to expand into this exciting area.